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Story of Bipha

               PAPPY VAIDYAR  [ 1908 - 1986 ]

Founded in 1929, by Pappy Vaidyar the renowed Ayurvedic Physician - Bipha Drug Laboratories is one of the earliest Ayurvedic Phamacies in the country and the pioneer in Ayurvedic Patented formulations. After acquiring Knowledge in Ayurveda from a “Gurukul” in Oachira, a small village in Central Kerala. He began his practice With a prayer on his lips and a vision to alleviate there in and misery through Ayurveda. A gifted Ayurvedic Physician and a strict adherent to the code of ethics in Ayurveda, his only income was from the medicines he personally formulated andprescribed. The fame of his formulations grew directly in proportion to the respect he earned for himself as a Physician. To cater to the rising demand for quality ayurvedic products he founded S G A Pharmacy in 1945 which was later rechristened as Bipha Drug Laboratories Today, Bipha Drug Laboratories is anISO 9001, GMP Certified Company manufacturing over 200 patented Ayurvedic formulations with a geographical presence in over 20 countries other than India.

Bipha life ayurveda centre

Bipha had its origins way back in 1929 when a young and gifted Ayurvedic physician set on a vision to heal people crippled by diseases and distress. Born as the one of the five children in an agrarian family, the founder had the quest for knowledge.  He got himself trained under a renowned guru (teacher) as per the Gurukula system (the traditional teaching methodology) and one of the blessed students with a divine touch, owing to his dedication and commitment. He realized the need of an institution to meet the rising demand for genuine Ayurvedic formulations treatment, and founded a small pharmacy named S.G.A Pharmacy in ‘ Oachira’- a remote hamlet in the south of Kerala.

Origins : Bipha Drug Laboratories was established as a result of his innovative efforts, ardent practice and unrivalled commitment. His social vision, social commitment and enterprising mind, led him to think much ahead of the times.

Invention : The first proprietary formulation ‘ Blood in Draksha ‘- a hematinic was an instant success in the  Central and South Travancore which turned the company into a manufacturing pharmacy in 1950’s .The first product won the company many accolades both in India and abroad and took the name of Bipha across shores.

Vision : Pappy Vaidyar’s true visionary led to the development of many unique formulations and processing methods which in turn thrust Bipha drug labs to the forefront of Ayurveda. As a result the pharmacy developed innovative formulations decades ahead of the industry.

Innovation : Bipha was the first company in Kerala to develop and launch traditional Ayurvedic formulations in modern dosage forms. The company launched the first tablet of Kashaya formulation (Bitter herbal liquid decoction) in 1971 which is considered as a key contribution of Bipha to the Ayurveda industry around the globe.

Product portfolio : Bipha has a significant portfolio of prescription products, health supplements, personal care products, health foods and research products .The product portfolio boasts more than 290 products ranging from traditional oils to personal care products backed by a legacy of 90 years.


Today Bipha has grown into a holistic lifestyle company with an active presence in 13 countries and 4 global offices. The group is one of key players in the Ayurveda retail space with 19 stores across 10 cities in India. Bipha also has a significant presence in the ecommerce and digital space.

Manufacturing facilities

Bipha has two G.M.P ISO 9001 and ISO22176 manufacturing plants which are complaint to documented systems and are manned by expert staff. The manufacturing process is strictly monitored and controlled by documentation to ensure batch to batch consistency and compliance to standards.

R & D Facilities

Bipha has been innovative in the product development space for the last nine decades and has developed a wide bouquet of over 240 therapeutic products and over 200 + consumer products. It has a well-developed R&D center in Cochin which is currently doing path breaking research towards managing future health and beauty care.

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