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Ayurvedic head massage and its untold benefits!

That day you were too busy, an evening when you reached your home had a


Why this happens?

· If you remember again, that night you had less sleep also.

This indicates that your physical and mental exertion and sleep are related.

· When your body heat increases, you will have more dryness in your body and stress also results.

· Your thoughts become irregular which disturbs your sleep also.

How to manage this?

· Give some rest to your body and mind.

· Relax, take a deep breath. Have good diet and exercise.

· Go for a trip. Have a head massage.

How head massage helps you?

v Head massage using medicated oil helps to increase blood circulation to your head and the whole body.

v Your brain will work more effectively, right?

v You can have a sound sleep guaranteed after a relaxing head massage.

Ayurvedic text Astangahrdaya says, an oil application on the head and body rejuvenates the body and mind, reduces stress, increases vision and vitality. Even this prevents aging.

· When you have more dandruff, sleeplessness, etc, specialized oils like Dhurdhurapatradi, Neelibhringadi can be used for massaging the head and hair.

Why worrying when we have our Ayurvedic expert team to guide you at each step?

· Your body can have heat or cold nature in general.

· That we will find and give you a splendid h