An ideal cure of STOMATITIS (mukhapaka)

An ideal cure of STOMATITIS (mukhapaka) - Due to our life style, food habits, stress, constipation, climate, poor oral hygiene, medications, infection etc. peoples may suffer from mouth ulcers.

  • Symptoms - Mouth ulcer, round or oval sores, inflammation, swelling, pain, difficulty in drinking and eating, headache.

  • Ayurveda chikitsa– virechana, kavala, gandusha, oral medications.

An ideal cure of STOMATITIS (mukhapaka)

SCIATICA – important things to know

Causes- herniated disc, bone spur, lumbar stenosis, degenerative disc diseases and irritation of lower spine.

Symptoms- low back pain, radiating pain towards the legs, difficulty in walking, tingling, numbness.

Risk factors- obesity, age, occupation, diabetes.

Ayurvedic treatment - Abhyanga, patrapinda sweda, pizhichil, vasthi.

  • Get rid of from FATIGUE through Ayurveda

lack of energy, inability to concentrate, extreme tiredness, feeling extremely exhausted or weak

  • Abhyanga (medicated oil massage)

  • Swedana (sudation therapy)

  • Shirodhara

  • Thalam

  • Pizhichil

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