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Joint care now Made easy!

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

You heard about taking radiology scans once you started feeling a joint pain and difficulty to manage flexibility of your movements. Don’t get panic due to this pain.

Ayurveda has effective care in joint diseases.

  • Arthritis like joint diseases appear in your body by causing pain, swelling, burning sensation like symptoms. These symptoms are causing you trouble.

  • Get rid of them easily by knowing the root cause of your illness.

Why direct treatment is necessary?

  • Whether you have low back ache or a disc injury, accurate diagnosis and proper treatment are important to differentiate and know the real disease.

What are the effective Ayurvedic treatment options? Your joints will be taken care with

  • Oil massage, steam bath, medicated enema using herbal decoction, herbal paste application, warm poultice with herbal leaves and lots of related sure to cure treatment procedures.

What to take care of? You have to stop taking excessive stress and strain to body and mind first.

  • Then our doctor will explain your condition in detail and make you understand the real cause and nature of your disease.

  • You can have a wide range of possible add Ons to Ayurvedic treatment like Yoga and exercise therapy along with this.

  • Your diet also will be modified as per a special joint friendly diet.

  • Internal medicines to reduce pain and increase joint health are given to you which you can continue consuming at home.

We at Bipha life Ayurveda centre are able to convert your DIS-EASE TO EASE. Come join us for a rejuvenating session of joint care right now!

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