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Njavara facial – bring an Ayurvedic glow to your skin!

Who doesn’t want glowing beautiful skin?

You might be looking at the mirror and saying to yourself, I want to improve the texture of my skin.

How do these girls in advertisements are having clear flawless skin?

  • If you closely observe, they take care of their diet and body meticulously.

  • They don’t allow their skin to become dry and lack the natural luster.

  • Ayurvedic beauty recipes are widely popular since ancient times. Since people adopted natural beauty care, everyone had their own personal ways of getting soft supple skin.

  • Their body was also strong and immune.

  • When your body is lacking proper nourishment, it gets exhausted. Wind energy in the body called Vata gets increased and the body becomes dry and dull.

  • You can nourish your body by taking fresh fruits, veggies, and more water.

How Njavara and Coco Njavara facial are unique?

  • Normal facials will be temporary in effect.

  • The harsh chemicals can cause your skin to get wrinkled in the long run.

  • Whereas the Swastika Sali or Njavara variety of rice is praised in Ayurveda for its skin whitening and nourishing properties.

  • You can make sure your physical health is getting improved along with relaxation while you undergo these facials.

How it is done?

  • Your face is cleaned with Ayurvedic liquids and massaged comfortably.

  • Scrubbing of the face is also done to remove any dead cells and to increase the blood circulation on face.

Expert Ayurvedic therapists will apply Njavara or Coco Njavara paste based on your skin type and condition.

  • This is washed off after it gets dry.

  • The face is patted softly after the procedure.Before performing the facial, the Ayurvedic doctor will explain to you all the details about your skin type and procedure. Why choose Bipha’s care?

  • Bipha Ayurveda is a well-known Ayurvedic brand not only in India but also in many countries.

  • Our standards are international.

  • When you want to have a beauty care treatment, there should be custom-made care for you.

We at Bipha life Ayurveda center are driven with a purpose to provide world-class Ayurvedic care. We are there for you, your beauty is our responsibility.

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