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Ayurvedic medicine AYUSH 64 given to Covid-19 Patients

Covid-19 has been a difficult condition for our country and it has been tiring for our medical professionals. It has been affected by a large population in our country. The vaccines are being produced and delivered but to make them available to a large sum of the population takes time and a lot of effort. At this point, a combination of allopathic and ayurvedic treatments have started to be given to mild and moderate Covid-19 patients. AYUSH-64 is an Ayurvedic formulation that was developed by the Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences (CCRAS).

Here comes the importance of Ayurveda for the healthy and persistent wellness of our respiratory system. Ayurvedic treatment and medicines use precious and powerful herbs with the help of trusted ayurvedic formulations to create medicines for various respiratory problems. It is rather focused on the causes than the symptoms of various diseases to give long-term relief to the illness. Ayurveda brings health and keeping the doshas in balance. It aims at holistically maintaining and improving general health and boosting the natural immunity of the body. Also, helps reclaim health with balanced dietary guidelines, effective sleeping patterns, daily and seasonal routines, yoga, and exercise patterns.

Who can take AYUSH-64?